Prevent Urine Leakage Problems with Fotona in Verdun

What Is a Laser Treatment of Urinary Incontinence?

Erbium Yag laser is an innovative technology to treat urinary incontinence. This therapeutic treatment is supported by a high-precision Erbium Yag 2940 nm laser, and consists in a photothermal tightening of the anterior urinary bladder—including the urethra.

Fotona’s technology proposes several technical specifications and settings that enable an accurate configuration of the laser energy when put on the collagen-rich mucous membrane of the vagina. Neocollagenesis and remodeling result from this process, and generate a contraction and tightening effect on the vaginal tissue. This contraction is not permanent and lasts 12 to 18 months.

Who Is This Treatment for?

This treatment is recommended for women living with effort urinary incontinence (also known as “stress incontinence”), as well as light, moderate, or mixed urinary incontinence.

Very few studies have examined laser treatments in gynecology. However, there are some dermatological studies based on the very same fundamental concepts. Clinical evaluations have shown a high-efficiency level, and a probative satisfaction rate (1) (2).

Laser Treatment of Urinary Incontinence

This is a safe, easy and incision-less treatment, and lasts about 30 minutes. Mostly uncomfortable, the treatment is often completed without anesthesia, or with an anesthetic cream applied on vagina external area.

The recuperation time is extremely short without using painkillers. During the first month, patients can quickly get back to their day-to-day activities that don’t require any physical effort. It is advisable to wait for 1 to 2 weeks before getting back to sexual activity.

Fotona's Laser Treatment

How Does It work?

You must book a medical consultation with Dr. Marois before getting the treatment done to make sure you do have an effort urinary incontinence, and to check the integrality of your vaginal tissue.

The laser treatment is completed at Dr. Marois’s clinic by a physiotherapist specialized in Perineal Rehabilitation to maximize the success of the process as well as your satisfaction.

We schedule a first1-hour appointmentwith the physiotherapist to complete an evaluation, explain the intervention in details, or give you advices on new behaviors or physical exercises you could integrate into your life, if necessary.

The laser treatment is administered during thesecond appointment, which lasts between 30 and 45 minutes.

A third and last 60-minutes appointment is scheduled a month later to check out the results of the first treatment and to check if a second session is needed. If necessary, the second treatment is realized on the spot.

If urine leakage happens 12 to 18 months after the treatement, we will possibly consider another intervention according to the severity of the initial urinary incontinence.

According to our Urinary Incontinency Treatment Policy, the vaginal tightening is automatically included.

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