Post-operative Recommendations

Private Urologist Dr. Carlos Marois recommends that you treat the affected region over the first 48 hours with ice, gel or a bag of frozen peas at 15-minute intervals. This will reduce post-operative swelling and discomfort over the following days.

We also recommend that you take Tylenol regularly, every 4 hours, for the first day. Avoid Advil brand medication or other anti-inflammatory medications that can increase the risk of swelling.

A shower is permitted after 24 hours.

Avoid any physical exertion, sexual activity or sports during the first week. Afterwards, you will be able to resume normal physical and sexual activities.You must continue using contraception until sterility is confirmed.You must undergo an initial spermogram.

Most men having undergone vasectomy will be sterile at the first spermogram (that is “sperm test”). Sometimes, more than one test is required to reach sterility. After a week, it is also recommended to begin to be more sexually active for the first three months. Ideally, 20 to 40 ejaculations help improving the chances of being sterile at the initial spermogram.

The spermogram analysis is done 3 or 4 months after vasectomy. Sampling must be performed at home by masturbating into a sterile container (available in pharmacies). This container must directly collectall spermemitted from ejaculation. It is important that a 3 day abstinence period be respected before the sample is collected. The specimen must be complete. Even the loss of only a few drops must be reported.

Ideally, the time between sample collection and the arrival to the laboratory should not exceed one hour. You must keep the sample at body temperature in your shirt or pants pocket.

You can also go to a hospital of your choice or in a private laboratory.

You will receive written confirmation by e-mail about your results and what activities to do, if necessary. You can also call the secretary to confirm your sterility. This may take from 2 to 4 weeks if the semen analysis is performed in a hospital setting since it is constructed in microscopy.

For patients who wish to do it in private laboratory, we offer the NASCI test in collaboration with laboratory Biron. The sample can be left in private practice or in any branch Biron by appointment. It is the only post vasectomy semen analysis performed by flow cystometry. It is more reliable and less subjective to eliminate the presence of sperm. There is less likelihood of repeating a second sperm test three months later. It is less restrictive for patients. The result is also fast, about one week.

Verdun General Hospital

4000 LaSalle Blvd., in Verdun

Tuesday and Thursday only, room 2410 between 8:00 AM and 9:00 AM

Charles LeMoyne Hospital

3120 Taschereau Blvd., in Greenfield Park

(In the basement, follow the signs that read ‘Spermogramme’)

Monday to Thursday, from 7:00 AM to 11:00 AM

Phone: 450-466-5000 ext. 2698

Pierre Boucher Hospital

Thursday only, from 7:00 AM to 11:00 AM

Phone: 450-468-8111 ext. 2265

You can also go to another hospital of your choice or to a private laboratory.

Two weeks later, call the secretary to confirm your test results. You will receive written confirmation of your results with the appropriate course of action, as necessary.

If the results are inconclusive, you will have to undergo a second spermogram in another 3 months.

If any complication or problem occurs outside our business hours, or if you are not able to join a secretary to make an appointment, please report to Verdun Hospital Emergency. The emergency physician will try to join Dr. Marois to get his report. Dr. Marois will then be able to give his recommendations over the telephone or will come to see you directly at the emergency room.

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