PCA3 : Prostate Cancer Screening Montreal

This is a molecular biology test to help you determine whether a biopsy is really needed (a urine screening test that determines high or low risk of developing prostate cancer).

The test for prostate cancer gene 3 (PCA3) is a molecular biology test. It does not replace the prostate specific antigen (PSA) evaluation. The PCA3 is an additional tool to more easily determine whether a prostate biopsy is needed to diagnose prostate cancer in men with suspected prostate cancer. PCA3, unlike PSA, is specifically related to prostate cancer, which means that it is only produced by cancerous prostate cells and it is not influenced by the size of the prostate. Therefore PCA3 is better than PSA at differentiating cancer from benign or non-cancer related prostate diseases, such as benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) (i.e. an enlarged prostate) or prostatitis (prostate infection). The PCA3 test provides very useful information, in addition to that obtained from the PSA, to help determine whether a prostate biopsy is really necessary.

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