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Lengthening the Frenulum (Frenuloplasty) in Private Practice

What is the frenulum?
The frenulum is a membranous line, more or less thick, which is located under the glans and which is connected to the skin of the penis.

What constitutes a short frenulum?
Typically, a short frenulum causes traction of the glans downwards. It prevents the foreskin from fully retracting. A short frenulum is a real hindrance for young adults during sexual activities. If a narrow frenulum is too fragile and an erection is strong enough, it can cause pain to the frenulum during penetration. The frenulum can crack or even break with bleeding.

Discomfort on the region of the frenulum may last for a few days following intense sexual activity. It eventually heals after a few days of abstinence. But, unfortunately, often in fact, discomfort resurfaces with sexual activity.

For other young men, if the frenulum is wide and firm, it doesn’t break, but causes a sensation of painful traction when erect, resulting at times to premature ejaculations.

Can we detect this problem in children?
This abnormality can sometimes be detected in children during spontaneous erections. It is possible to treat it preventively before puberty. Otherwise, it is up to the teenager or the young adult to refer to a specialist. Although it may be embarrassing to do so at that age, we prefer to talk about its advantages than its disadvantages. Do not hesitate to refer to a specialist. It is a common urological problem and the treatment is rather simple.

Surgical Treatment of a Short Frenulum
Fortunately, a simple procedure, under local anesthesia, can extend the frenulum. The surgery fixes the problem definitively. There are several terms to describe this procedure, including frenulum lengthening, plasty of the frenulum, frenulumectomy and frenuloplasty.

The procedure required simply breaking the frenulum with the aid of a surgical knife. Sometimes, excision of the edges of the frenulum is necessary for a more aesthetically pleasing result. Otherwise, there may be a slight undesirable growth on the glans and the foreskin.

Absorbable stitches may be necessary to control bleeding, if the frenulum is abnormally wide.


Frenuloplasty simply entails the sectioning of the frenulum using electrocautery

Anesthesia with a Skin Injector Free of Needle Sensation

This procedure is usually performed under local anesthesia. It is initially carried out by an injector which sends anesthetic liquid under high pressure through the skin. You will feel a pinching, comparable to an elastic rubber band hit. Additional anesthesia with a needle is rarely necessary.

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Sexual activity can be resumed after 3 or 4 weeks. It is also recommended to apply Polysporin ointment (green box) four times a day for a month in order to reduce the risk of adhesion..

Post-Operative Care
Sexual activities can resume after 3 to 4 weeks. It is also recommended to put Polysporin (green packaging) four times a day for 1 month to reduce the risk of adhesion. Postoperative bleeding may occasionally occur within one week after surgery, especially after a strong erection. Simply apply a compressive bandage in those instances.

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