Internal Urethrotomy for Urethral Stricture

Internal urethrotomy involves making an incision in the scar causing the stricture using a specialized instrument for cutting or using a laser. This can be done in private practice or in the endoscopy unit with a local anesthetic, or in the operating room under spinal anesthesia (you are frozen from the navel down) or general anesthesia (you are “asleep”), depending on the case. Dr. Marois will make an incision in the stricture with a special endoscope (urethrotome) which can be passed through the urethra to the stricture. A catheter may be left in the urethra to allow healing while keeping the stricture open. This can be very useful for stricture of the bladder neck or urethra. Following the procedure, there may be blood in the urine and blood leaking through the urethral meatus as well as some discomfort. Occasionally, an infection will require antibiotic treatment. Unfortunately, there is a high risk of recurrence of the stricture after internal urethrotomy.

In case of recurrence and depending on the size of the stricture, it is often preferable to perform a urethroplasty.

Recovery in terms of time before you can resume your usual activities is generally quick. Sexual relations are permitted one week after surgery.

Dr. Carlos Marois Urologist

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